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Tony Giannakakis

For Tony Giannakakis, putting the “luxury” in a luxury home isn’t about the dollars spent or having the latest trends; it’s about the details. It’s about the subtle, yet significant elements that each have their own story to tell. It’s about going the extra mile to preserve historical integrity and authenticity in a sustainable, environmentally friendly manner.

This appreciation for history and architecture Tony learned from his father, who moved to the United States from Greece to buy property and start his own business. His father imparted to him the importance of solid craftsmanship in even the smallest of details. Even if this attention to detail means painstakingly researching and importing old wooden crates once used in the Asian spice trade to add a unique touch to a homeowner’s kitchen (that’s a true story).

Tony’s proudest moments have been seeing his clients’ reactions to their finished projects. He prides himself on delivering exceptional quality and service, and challenges his company to always be one step ahead. He is an active member of both the Builder’s Club and BATC (Builder’s Association of the Twin Cities). Tony lives with his wife and two dogs in Edina, and enjoys vacationing in Canada and Greece when he gets time away from work.
Ken Kragness

Ken started down the road to a career in the building industry relatively early compared to most of his colleagues. He was only seven years old, after all. Even at a young age, he had an interest in architecture and was constantly sketching houses and floor plans. Today, Ken continues doing what he loves: designing and building houses.

Ken’s passion for design is evident in the amount of day-to-day involvement in every project. He is extremely hands-on throughout the entire process; he works with each homeowner to ensure that their needs are met every step of the way.

His favorite part of being in business for himself is the greater creative freedom it affords him. He enjoys seeing his designs come to life. He strives for perfection, and challenges himself to always do better. When he’s not working, Ken enjoys spending time with his wife and two children.
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